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  • Act 1 – Evolution of self50%
  • Act 2 – Evolution of your ideas60%
  • Act 3 – Adding to evolution60%

The Birth of Acts of Evo


Success story – an uncomfortable brag bite but I know you want to hear it

The Individual Service Business – 2012 - 2018

• Built a first-class health and wellness service business for a luxury condominium building, establishing a well renown and reoccurring client list generating a personal guaranteed annual 6-figure income stream.

• Built the business around a foundation of solid client relationships and a strong community presence, obtaining continual referrals due to the commitment to strong emotional connection and the level of care provided.

• Managed 40+ clients across 3 different modalities and 3 different coaches, managing a robust schedule with ease.

- Sold this company for a measly amount of money but was happy to pass it on to good hands
During the same time…
The corporate Wellness Company – 2013 - 2018

• Successfully established and developed a corporate wellness company designed to help small and mid-sized companies keep their employee healthy.

• Design customized programs and solutions designed to engage and inspire employees to create a healthy working environment, delivering $300,000+ in service and programs.

• Manage all aspect of the business including project development from initial program creation through strategic and fiscal planning to final service and delivery.

• Assembled and manage a team of diverse wellness professional who share similar company beliefs, morals and mission.

• Created complex wellness programs for corporate offices across 3 separate states, implementing and managing a software program for 1,000+ employees, participation reports, health data, waivers, sensitive documents.

- Sold this company for parts in December 2017

Hire me because of my failures – The more important story and why you should hire me

The Individual Service Business

Built a company that revolved around me.
Why is this a failure? – Because it means that your company is not its own entity or have its own identity. It means when I stepped away the company could not and did not operate or function. When I stepped away people lost confidence. When I tried to sell it, it was nearly impossible (I got lucky). When you build a company around YOU, your skill set, your personality, your emotional relationships, your time and your experience, it is hard to scale, hard to take time off, hard to step away, hard to sell.
Emotional relationships with clients…
I know what your thinking… no I did not fall in love with a client. My clients became some of my best friends. Why is this a failure… I relied on my clients for emotional support as well as letting them rely on me for emotional support. The business became more about being there for my clients emotionally than physically. This is dangerous territory for multiple reasons. 1. Makes it harder to step away. 2. Both parties become blind to the original reason they hired you. 3. It made me comfortable and clouded my judgment in personal fulfillment.
Losing passion because of complacency
I started in a field that I loved, helping people with their fitness, pushing them to their limits and healing their injuries. I lost that passion because I stopped growing. I lost my passion and the fire dwindled out because I stopped learning new ways to help. It became the same tactics for the same issues over and over again. My passion is still helping people but because I became complacent in growing my skill set I lost my passion for helping people with their health.
I didn’t understand myself
I failed myself and failure was inevitable because I did not take time to understand what I wanted and needed. I was under challenged, with no spontaneity, excitement, internal goals or achievements to reach for. If I had paused and reflected on my intrapersonal intelligence it would have been clear that I was not happy and why.

The corporate Wellness Company

I didn’t understand myself
I know, same issue, but different context. Because I did not look within and self-reflect on what I wanted, who I was, why I was, how I was, where I wanted to go, I created a company that did absolutely nothing for me. I thought I wanted to create a company that I could scale, help hundreds of thousands of people, make a dent in the health and wellness field, be big bold and powerful. This couldn’t have been further from the truth, I was lying to myself and everything I built and wanted was moving me further away from fulfillment.
Leaping before the truth
I jumped into this business without questioning one person on what THEY wanted. I just started build services that I thought they wanted or what suited me. I created an entire company on what I thought the industry and corporations needed. I didn’t do one survey, I didn’t ask for any feedback, I just started creating and filling gaps. Never do this. I got lucky on a few.
Over promise and over reaching with touch of young arrogance
Essentially corporations would ask me to build a program that would keep their employees happy, engaged and healthy. What I figured out too late is that, those three things are entirely different objectives and together are almost impossible. Long story short, my failure is that I accepted the impossible task, threw it on my back like a young dumb idiot and said ‘we can solve all your problems’. The corporate culture is nothing an outsider can fix and even tackling one of those problems is a hard enough challenge.
Slow less passionate corporate = slow less passionate Steve
Working with the corporate world for an entrepreneur is like trying to rush a sloth back into its cage at the zoo. Unfortunately, I conformed to the status quo of the corporate lifestyle. I would wait for emails, wellness meetings and conference calls that were all pushed further and further down the totem pool. I didn’t push, keep my energy, or light a spark in their butts. I just simply suggested my ideas and let them decide. I waited for their reactions instead of being the passionate fighting spirit that demanded more action.

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