Free Check-In – 15min

All clients new and old get a free check-in. Weather it’s a quick update, brainstorm or vent from a current client or an initial welcome check-in to start your evolutionary journey, we are always available at your convenience.

Coaching – 50min

The holy grail of progress and fulfillment. Having someone who holds you accountable, deepens your thoughts, discovers your blindspots, plays devil’s advocate, helps you over obstacles, unleashes your hidden powers, destroys your imposter syndrome, asks your EGO to get out of the way and challenges you to be a better version of yourself is the key to the evolutionary movement.

Key Note – 2hrs

Creating a spark of evolution across a room full of people has a powerful effect. A long lasting, deep coaching relationship can create a lifetime of fulfillment. A 2hr tribal outcry on the evolutionary movement can create a powerful impact on a current project. The Key Not purpose is to inspire creativity, drive, engagement and purpose into a specific project or light a fire in the bellies the participants to think outside the box, think of others, think of their mark on evolution.

Struggle Board Forum – Coming soon

After every act, to actualize the growth, the learnings and the struggles the participant must post their story to the online forum and network. Struggle Board will be where the evolution occurs and where the free gift to the world will be. Understanding and reading others struggles to encourage people to embrace the pain and join the movement.

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